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Clear Braces in Moray

Enhance your smile discreetly and confidently with clear braces in Moray, a nearly invisible orthodontic solution that lets you achieve straight, beautiful teeth without the look of traditional braces.

A Nearly Invisible Orthodontic Solution

Clear braces offer a discreet and effective alternative to traditional metal braces, providing numerous benefits that make them a popular choice for orthodontic treatment.

Discreet Appearance: Clear braces use tooth-coloured or transparent brackets and wires, making them much less noticeable than traditional metal braces. This allows you to maintain a natural-looking smile during your treatment.
Effective Treatment: Clear braces offer the same level of effectiveness as traditional braces in straightening teeth and correcting bite issues. They provide reliable results, helping you achieve your desired smile.
Comfort: Clear braces are designed with patient comfort in mind. The brackets are often smoother and less likely to irritate your gums or inner cheeks compared to traditional metal brackets.
Suitable for All Ages: Clear braces are a suitable option for patients of all ages, from teenagers to adults. Their discreet design appeals to anyone seeking a more subtle orthodontic treatment.
Fewer Adjustments: Clear braces often require fewer adjustments and less maintenance than traditional braces. This can result in fewer visits to the orthodontist and a more convenient treatment process.
Minimal Staining: The materials used in clear braces are resistant to staining and discoloration, ensuring the brackets maintain their clear appearance throughout your treatment.
Predictable Outcomes: Clear braces provide precise control over tooth movement, allowing your orthodontist to plan your treatment carefully and achieve predictable outcomes for your smile.
Confidence Boost: Knowing that your braces are less visible can boost your confidence during treatment. You can smile freely and interact with others without feeling self-conscious.
Clear Braces in Moray - Moray Orthodontics

The Clear Braces We Use from G&H Orthodontics

Moray Orthodontics chooses clear braces manufactured by G&H Orthodontics for several reasons. G&H Orthodontics’ dedication to quality is evident in their control over the entire manufacturing process, from raw material sourcing to packaging and delivery. This ensures that our patients receive braces of the highest quality, backed by exceptional service. Moreover, the synergy between G&H Orthodontics’ brackets, archwires, and elastomerics instils confidence that our patients will achieve optimal results, contributing to their overall satisfaction with their orthodontic treatment. Watch this video for the benefits:

Comparison: Metal vs Clear Braces

Aspect Clear Braces Metal Braces
Appearance Less noticeable More noticeable
Material Ceramic or plastic Stainless steel
Visibility Blends with teeth More visible
Treatment Time Similar to metal braces Similar to clear braces
Cost Often more expensive Often less expensive
Durability More prone to staining Highly durable
Maintenance Requires careful cleaning Requires regular brushing
Adjustments May need more frequent Typically every 4-6 weeks
Discomfort Less bulky May cause slight discomfort
Suitability Suitable for mild-moderate Suitable for all cases
Customisation Limited colour options Wide range of colour options

Book an Initial Consultation for £60 with Our Family Offer

The initial consultation is an essential part of your orthodontic journey, allowing our orthodontist to tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific needs and goals. During the initial consultation at Moray Orthodontics, our orthodontist will assess your specific needs and determine the right option for you. For just £60, you and your family members can receive a comprehensive consultation together. Here’s what you can expect during this appointment:

1). Discussion of Goals

2). Medical and Dental History

3). Oral Examination

4). Imaging and Scans

5). Treatment Recommendations

6). Preview of Treatment Plan

7). Cost Estimate and Payment Options

8). Asking Questions about the Treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do clear braces work?

Clear braces work similarly to traditional braces by applying gentle, consistent pressure to move teeth into their desired positions. The clear brackets and wires blend in with your natural tooth colour, making the treatment less noticeable while still providing effective orthodontic correction.

Are clear braces as effective as metal braces?

Yes, clear braces are just as effective as metal braces in treating various orthodontic issues such as misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and bite problems. They offer the same level of control and precision for tooth movement and can achieve similar results.

How long does treatment with clear braces take?

The treatment time with clear braces varies depending on the complexity of your case. On average, it can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Our orthodontist at Moray Orthodontics will provide a personalised treatment plan with an estimated duration based on your specific needs.

Are clear braces suitable for adults?

Absolutely! Clear braces are a fantastic option for adults seeking orthodontic treatment. They offer discreet alignment correction without the visibility of traditional braces, allowing adults to maintain a professional appearance while improving their smile and oral health. Many adults find clear braces to be a convenient and effective solution for their orthodontic needs.

Do clear braces stain?

Clear braces are designed to be resistant to staining, but they can still discolour over time if proper oral hygiene isn’t maintained. Avoiding stain-causing foods and beverages and regularly cleaning your braces can help keep them clear throughout your treatment.

Can I eat normally with clear braces?

Yes, you can eat normally with clear braces, but you should avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods that may damage the brackets or wires. Cutting food into smaller pieces and practicing good oral hygiene can help maintain your braces and oral health.

Are clear braces suitable for adults?

Absolutely, clear braces are a popular choice for adults seeking orthodontic treatment due to their discreet appearance. They offer a more subtle option for straightening teeth while maintaining a professional appearance in the workplace.

How often do I need to visit Moray Orthodontics for adjustments?

Typically, patients with clear braces visit the orthodontist at Moray Orthodontics for adjustments every 4 to 6 weeks. These appointments allow the orthodontist to monitor your progress and make any necessary changes to your treatment plan.

How do I clean clear braces?

To clean clear braces, brush and floss your teeth regularly to remove food particles and plaque from around the brackets and wires. Using an interdental brush can help clean hard-to-reach areas. Rinsing with mouthwash can also help maintain oral hygiene.

Can I participate in sports with clear braces?

Yes, you can participate in sports with clear braces. It’s recommended to wear a mouthguard to protect your braces and teeth from potential injuries during physical activities. Our orthodontist can help you choose a suitable mouthguard.

How do clear braces affect speech?

Clear braces may slightly affect your speech initially, as you adjust to having brackets and wires in your mouth. However, most patients adapt quickly, and any speech changes typically resolve within a few days.

Are clear braces suitable for complex cases?

Clear braces can handle many complex orthodontic cases, including severe crowding and misalignment. Our orthodontist at Moray Orthodontics will determine if clear braces are the best option for your specific needs based on an initial evaluation.

How long does treatment with clear braces take - Moray Orthodontics

Why Choose Moray Orthodontics for Clear Braces?

At Moray Orthodontics, we offer clear braces starting from £2,500 per arch, providing you with a discreet and effective way to straighten your teeth. Our skilled orthodontic team prioritises your comfort and satisfaction by tailoring each treatment plan to your individual needs. We use high-quality clear braces that blend seamlessly with your natural smile, ensuring a more subtle appearance during your treatment journey. Our commitment to personalised care, advanced orthodontic techniques, and affordable pricing makes us the ideal choice for your clear braces treatment. Choose Moray Orthodontics to achieve a beautiful, confident smile with clear braces.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Norman Browne
Norman Browne
First class treatment
Jacob James Sutherland
Jacob James Sutherland
About a year into my treatment, very pleased with everything. Very polite and helpful staff. looking forward to seeing my teeth when my braces come off.

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Clear Braces in Moray - Moray Orthodontics

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